About This Course

An actor’s exercise zoom class in strengthening your ability to communicate deeply and fully with others

Acting is like living, it means being in relationship with people and events. Most of us aren’t intimidated by rocks and trees, but we are intimidated by other people. We put on a mask to hide our real selves. In Foundations class, we exercise dropping the mask and interacting authentically. Classes begin with a 30-minute lesson and discussion, 15 minutes of relaxation work, and 45 minutes of exercise work in Meisner technique, Public Solitude, and Improvisation. Note: Actorium places a focus on inclusivity; everyone is made to feel welcome.


Spring Speical: receive your first month for $50 [offer ends May 31st]


Founder and Instructor Michelle Meyrink

I founded Actorium with the purpose of creating an environment where people can discover and immerse themselves in the art of acting; a place to grow and develop creatively through this beautiful, fun, interesting, and life-changing art form. I think of Actorium as a place for people to inspire and to get inspired and grow, not only as an actor but personally – as I think the two go together. It is not only an actor’s training centre but also a community with a strong culture for daring authenticity, humour, warmth, and openness. What I have learned through acting and have used as a core principle of Actorium is to never lose sight of the truthful basis of your art and the reason you started in the first place.