About This Course

Understanding the importance of, and how to embody, the scene objective.

In this course, we examine how to develop the scene objective as an underlying force that impacts everything in the scene. Learn how to fully realize the scene objective not only it’s emotional form but also in its physical form. The course begins with examining the bases of an objective and builds on it, through exercises which allow the actor to practice freely living the objective, rather than holding on to it as a mental construct.

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Course curriculum

  • 3

    The Basics

    • What is Scene Objective?

    • The Fundamentals

    • Scene Objective Checklist

    • Discover Scene Objectives Exercise

    • Discover Scene Objectives Exercise Submission

    • Reading Scene Objectives Exercise

  • 4

    Uncovering the Depth

    • Know More Than Your Character

    • Discover Scene Objective in Real Life

    • M.A. Chekhov Quote

    • Discover "Scene" Objective in Real Life Exercise Submission

    • Never Straightforward

    • Relationship and Complexity

    • Investigating Relationship for Scene Objective Exercise

    • Investigating Relationship for Scene Objective Exercise Submission

  • 5

    Activating the Scene Objective

    • Moment Before Exercise Explanation

    • Moment Before Student Example

    • Moment Before

    • Moment Before Video Submission

    • Moment Before Reflection

  • 6

    Building the Battle

    • Obstacles

    • The Song Never Changes

    • Adding Scene Enhancements Exercise Explanation

    • Adding Scene Enhancements Student Example

    • Adding Scene Enhancements Video Submission

    • Adding Scene Enhancements Reflection

  • 7

    Speaking and Scene Objective

    • The Final Scene

    • Final Scene Exercsie Explanation

    • Final Exercise Video Submission

    • Final Exercise Reflection

  • 8


    • Course Summary