About This Course

An super-shy acting exercise zoom class in strengthening your ability to communicate deeply and fully with others

In Acting Foundations for the Supernaturally Shy, we study how to work with the wide range of emotions that arise within us in each moment. These challenging emotions of fear, distress, anxiety, shame, and aggression, may come up on stage, in front of a camera, or, for many of us just with the eyes of another person on us. These powerful emotions take the lead. If you’re shy you probably know, that when uncomfortable emotions lead, we lose our freedom to make choices. We’re stuck. In the end, we often end up hiding from the very life we want to live in order to avoid those feelings that overpower us. In Acting Foundations for the Supernaturally Shy, we learn to work with those damn feelings! It takes some time to get there, but we get there. Come. Give it a try, We welcome you to our Super Shy group. Zoom classes are 90 minutes.